Azul Bateig

Azul Bateig is a limestone from Alicante, Spain. This stone is characterized by a homogeneous gray color with warm tones and the presence of some dark gray veins that make it even more sophisticated, giving it a modern touch.

This type of natural stone is very versatile in terms of finishes; it is preferably used in exterior cladding, masonry work, and decoration.

Country of Origin: Spain
Availability: Medium
Compressive tensile strength: 242 kg/cm2
Compressive tensile strength after freezing cycles:
Unit breaking load in bending: 51 kg/cm2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion:
Coefficient of water imbibition: 0,57%
Impact resistance, minimum drop height:
Frictional wear:
Weight per unit volume: 2700 kg/m3