Honeycomb is a substrate consisting of an aluminum honeycomb structure enclosed between fiberglass or metal foils.

Fiberglass is the most widely used and provides superior technical/functional characteristics to solid raw material. Metal is used to allow anchoring in the use in exterior cladding or to increase conductivity in the application of heated floors.

The thickness of the substrate varies from 5 to 20mm, and a 4 to 10mm layer of marble is applied on top of it. The formats that can be obtained for flooring or wall cladding, depending on the materials, exceed measurements of 3.00 x 1.80 mt. With this system, even the most delicate and fragile materials can be used and installed in very large formats, and when necessary above the technical support is built the texture of the floor that you then want to install directly on site, with the laboratory finish.

Main applications of marble with honeycomb:

  • Nautical (interior furnishings, walls, flooring, false ceilings, cladding, private and industrial elevators)
  • Architecture (curtain and ventilated facades, wall cladding)
  • Furniture (desks and tables, vanity tops, kitchens, etc.)

Other Technologies:





Through this support, it is possible to decrease the weight of the material making it applicable to any context.

This support allows the most delicate and fragile materials to be used and installed in very large formats.

Transparent or glass-backed substrate is mainly used for reinforcement, transparency and backlighting.

Underfloor heating provides optimal energy yield in complete safety.