Marble maintenance

Because it is very durable, little attention is often paid to its care, forgetting that its porous nature can make it susceptible to some of the most common products and to stains that tend to form on contact with easily absorbed liquids.

Marble surfaces are very durable, but not as indestructible as we tend to think; knowing how to best care for it and maintain it is important in order to preserve its beauty. It only takes a few small daily steps to safeguard this precious material.

Daily cleaning

Daily surface cleaning does not require special attention or maintenance, just take a damp (soft) sponge and some warm water; if necessary, neutral soap can also be used to remove dirt more easily. After cleaning, you can dry the surface with a soft cloth, preferably chamois.

In case there is the presence of some encrustations, you can go to act with warm water and baking soda, obtaining a paste with which to remove the dirt, it is recommended not to use abrasive detergent products, especially agents with antiscale or bleach as they could dull the surface.

Remove stains from marble

Some agents are hazardous to marble surfaces; in the kitchen, for example, beware of certain acidic products that are likely to corrode and dull marble; particularly vinegar, lemon, coke, and tomato sauce. Oil-based agents (of a food or cosmetic nature) are also troublesome to marble countertops, as they tend to be absorbed quickly, but in this case they can be remedied.
To remove an oily stain from the marble surface, it will be sufficient to wet the affected area with a little water and pour powdered detergent over it, cover with a glass and leave it for a few hours, if necessary a whole day, wipe it off with a damp microfiber cloth and dry; during this time the substance will be reabsorbed and removed from the surface.A good alternative to detergent is potato starch, which acts in the same way.
You can repeat the treatment several times until you get the desired result.

Cleaning yellowed marble

Marble, especially that of lighter shades, undergoes an aging process over time, this could lead to yellowing of the material. It is possible to remedy this problem through the use of Marseille soap, it is in fact a portentous product for bringing back the shine of surfaces. Again, it will be necessary to rub the surface with a sponge wet with the solution of warm water and Marseille soap; then simply rinse and dry.


From time to time it is good to opt for more thorough interventions to which to subject the marble in order to preserve its natural beauty; these treatments do not need to be done in a set time frame. In the event that the marble surface is worn out, the treatments to restore the material’s luster are those of grinding and polishing; which can be carried out by professionals in the field with specific products and equipment.
As for materials that have holes, fractures and cavities, marble can be treated with mastics or fillers. For any other information on marble cleaning and maintenance, you can call or email us.