Unique and customized design solutions

We are the official dealers for Italy and Europe of the prestigious products of New Ravenna, a renowned American company specializing in custom stone and glass mosaics for residential and commercial applications.

Their craftsmanship is reflected in their handmade mosaics, which range from decorative borders and murals to extraordinary fields and medallions.

Each mosaic is the result of a meticulous process in which materials are expertly polished, tumbled, sanded and cut.
This attention to detail creates a distinctive style for each mosaic, with subtle variations in hue and texture contributing to a unique and fascinating aesthetic.

Elegant and timeless works of art

The installations created with New Ravenna mosaics are true custom masterpieces, each mosaic tile carefully placed to compose extraordinary works of art, often born out of collaboration with architects, interior designers and their esteemed clients.

These mosaics are not simply floor or wall coverings; they transform spaces into artistic expressions that capture attention and leave a feeling of wonder.

Our partnership with New Ravenna allows us to offer unique and customized design solutions that enrich any environment with a touch of class and artistic sophistication.

The Line of Mosaics that Inspire

Mosaics made from enameled basalt are an explosion of creativity and craftsmanship. This line of works of art is the result of a relentless pursuit of innovation and beauty, in which basalt, a volcanic rock with a history dating back thousands of years, becomes a canvas for artistic expression.