Study and design

Starting from an architectural or design project, our technical department develops the solution best suited to the client’s needs, from the on-site survey to the drafting of the executive drawing, always keeping an eye on design trends and offering innovative and customized solutions.

Chiavi in mano

State-of-the-art machinery, excellent raw materials, expert labor from master craftsmen, and a team ready to respond to every need allow Mondial Marmi to offer its customers a turnkey package.

Nautical refitting

Thanks to the great experience gained over the years in the nautical sector, Mondial Marmi offers, in addition to numerous design services, the refit of spaces that were previously fitted out, but of which the client needs to renew the appearance or upgrade their boat both aesthetically and functionally-technologically.

Marble maintenance

Marble is the finest natural material ever; thanks to its incredible elegance, it is used in both fine interior settings and more minimal spaces; it can adapt to every context and style, from classic to modern. Our job is also to maintain the natural beauty of marble.


Learn more about the technologies we use to lighten, strengthen, backlight, and heat our materials, making them applicable to any context.





Through this support, it is possible to decrease the weight of the material making it applicable to any context.

This support allows the most delicate and fragile materials to be used and installed in very large formats.

Transparent or glass-backed substrate is mainly used for reinforcement, transparency and backlighting.

Underfloor heating provides optimal energy yield in complete safety.