Electric floor heating

High-tech underfloor heating allows for optimal energy yield in complete safety and respect for the environment.

The 1.2-millimeter mats make it applicable even over the old floor, without the need to undo the existing one.
The underfloor heating used by Mondial Marmi is applicable in any type of flooring such as marble, honeycomb-supported stone, terracotta, laminate, parquet and textile.

This heating system has long been adopted internationally and is completely free of noise and emissions of any kind.
It is powered by 230 volts AC and is installed by normally licensed electricians.

The mats, consisting of double insulation, meet class 2 safety requirements and have successfully passed the applicable tests of the CEI safety standard.

Technical specifications heating mat:

Heating elements Amorphous metal tape
Length of mats from 1,5 to 7,0 mt
Widht 0,5 mt
Total thickness 0,12 cm
Primary power supply 230 volt AC/DC
Thermal output from 50 to 150 Watt/Mq
Ground temperature sensor Yes

Other Technologies:





Through this support, it is possible to decrease the weight of the material making it applicable to any context.

This support allows the most delicate and fragile materials to be used and installed in very large formats.

Transparent or glass-backed substrate is mainly used for reinforcement, transparency and backlighting.

Underfloor heating provides optimal energy yield in complete safety.