Portoro is a very precious stone with deep black background and gold colored veins. The extraction area is La Spezia and more precisely in Portovenere. Portoro marble is of great character and beauty; its originality and elegance make it suitable for precious finishes and complement of modern and ornamental furnishings such as fireplaces, columns, sculptures and luxurious tops.


Quarrying Location: Italy
Availability: Limited
Compression breaking load: 1862 kg/cm2
Compression breaking load after freezing: 1597 kg/cm2
Ultimate tensile strength: 104 kg/cm2
Thermal linear expansion coefficient: 0,0050 mm/m°C
Water absorption: 0,74%
Impact test: min. fall height: 25 cm
Frictional wear test: -
Bulk density: 2712 kg/m3