Black Galaxy

Nero Galaxy is an Indian granite with an absolute black color and a thin and uniform grain. The peculiarity of this material are the small silver dots that give it light and create a special play of reflections.

It is applied both indoors and outdoors, adapting particularly well to floors and walls, but also to kitchen tops, bathrooms and furnishing accessories.

Country of Origin: India
Availability: Medium
Compression breaking load: 2370 kg/cm2
Compression breaking load after freezing cycles: 2520 kg/cm2
Unit breaking load in bending: 275 kg/cm2
Thermal linear expansion coefficient: 0,0065 mm/m°C
Water imbibition coefficient: 0,02%
Impact resistance, minimum fall height: 69 cm
Frictional wear:
Weight per unit of volume: 2930 kg/m3