Breccia Pernice Rossa

Breccia Pernice Rossa marble is of Italian origin; it is an ornamental material suitable above all for decorative and domestic elements, such as fireplace coverings, tables or colorful shower trays.

Its gold-colored shades, combined with light veins, characterize the personality of this material, making it perfect for the interiors of classic homes.

Country of Origin: Italy
Availability: Limited
Compression breaking load: 1611 kg/cm2
Compression breaking load after freezing cycles: 1602 kg/cm2
Unit breaking load in bending: 126 kg/cm2
Thermal linear expansion coefficient: 0,0052mm/m°C
Water imbibition coefficient: 0,13%
Impact resistance, minimum fall height: 37 cm
Frictional wear:
Weight per unit of volume: 2702kg/m3