Arabescato Rosso Orobico

Arabescato Orobico Marble, is one of the most historic and characteristic natural stones in the world.
For many years it has been quarried in the Upper Brembana Valley in the municipality of Camerata Cornello (BG). The characteristic feature of this marble is the strong variation of veining and bold patterns that allow the material to lend itself excellently to open spots.

Being an ornamental material, it is used in any environment, and more so in large spaces, it can be used for flooring, wall cladding, and furnishings, even in outdoor settings.

Country of Origin: Italy
Availability: Limited
Compressive tensile strength: 1818 kg/cm2
Compressive tensile strength after freezing cycles: 1829 kg/cm3
Unit breaking load in bending: 165 kg/cm2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: 0,0051mm/m°C
Coefficient of water imbibition: 0,79%
Impact resistance, minimum drop height: 35cm
Frictional wear:
Weight per unit volume: 2724kg/m3