Afyon Marble is a white calcareous material composed, in particular, of calcium carbonate. It has a medium/fine grain, white in color with shades ranging from beige to ochre; it also has gray or golden yellow veins.

Having a low calcite index inside, the surface of the stone allows the sun’s rays to penetrate inside, thus giving brightness and liveliness to the material.
Afyon marble, from Turkey, is particularly suitable for interior floors and walls, but also for design elements such as tubs, sinks and stairs.

Country of origin:  Turchia
Availability: Media
Compression breaking load: 1019 kg/cm2
Compressive breaking load after freezing cycles: 1019 kg/cm3
Flexural breaking load: 141 kg/cm2
Thermal linear expansion coefficient:
Coefficient of water absorption: 0,10%
Impact resistance, minimum drop height:
Frictional wear:
Weight per unit volume: 2730kg/m3