Tobacco Brown, also known as Eramosa, is a marble from Canada. Its deep brown color is crossed by horizontal veins (when vein cut), which make the material look like wood. When the Tobacco Brown is cross cut, it emphasizes its particular shades, creating a fabulous cloudy game. This material is used for the most prestigious work; Its contemporary style makes it perfect for minimal and modern environments. The possible realizations are: interior and exterior floors and floors, shower trays, kitchen tops, ladders, tables, sinks. This material was chosen by Giorgio Armani for the construction of the Armani Resort in Dubai. Mondial Marmi proudly supplied part of the material.


Quarrying Location: Canada
Availability: Medium
Compression breaking load: 1468 kg/cm2
Compression breaking load after freezing: -
Ultimate tensile strength: -
Thermal linear expansion coefficient: -
Water absorption: 0,19%
Impact test: min. fall height: -
Frictional wear test: 24,5mm
Bulk density: 2670 kg/m3