Villa Privata - Roma

This project has been realized in the heart of Italy’s capital, for a private client.
In almost all the spaces of the house have been used our prestigious materials, starting from the main entrance where we have supplied Bianco Dolomiti inlaid with Bardiglio Imperiale, Giallo Siena and Giallo Antico; from here we have access to the stairway made in Bianco Dolomiti to give brightness to the environment.
In other surfaces of the house we supplied Travertino Navona inlaid with Verde Guatemala and Forest Green.
For the bathrooms the cliente has choosen to divide the rooms as follows:

  • Bathroom 1: Onice Sunset and Bianco Thassos
  • Bathroom 2: Onice Persiano and Bianco Dolomite
  • Bathroom 3: Onice Rosso
  • Bathroom 4: Bardiglio and Striato Olimpico