It’s composed from an aluminium honeycomb structure encased between sheets in glass fiber or metal.

The glass fiber it’s the most known and used, it guarantees technical and functional characteristics, superior to the full raw material; the metal is used to allow the anchorage while using external coatings or to increase the conductivity when applying heated floors.
The thickness of the support may vary from 5 up to 20 mm and on it, is applied a layer of marble, from 4 to 10mm.
The achievable formats for flooring or coatings, depending on the materials can surpass 3.00 x 1.80 mt.
With this system, also the most fragile and delicate material, can be used and installed in big formats and when necessary on the support it is built the weaving of the floor that will be installed in a second time directly at the yard, with the laboratory finish. Main applications of marble with honeycomb:

  • Boating (internal furnishings, walls, floors, controsoffitti, coatings, industrial and private lifts)
  • Architecture (facades continuous and ventilated, walls coating)
  • Furnishing (tables and desks, vanity top, ckitchens, etc..)