Support with glass, is mainly used for transparent or semi-transparent materials, for reinforcement, transparency and backlighting.

Support with Glass:

Backlighting is the application in the back of a stone material of a light source that, takes advantage of the translucent qualities of certain types of materials that lend themselves more to this characteristic effect (particularly onyxes), generating “scenic” phenomena that enhance the environments in which this solution is applied, offering designers an additional expressive tool for the use of natural stones.

Again, the sandwich structure increases the technical characteristics of the solid material, and with the use of tempered or armored glass, special architectural solutions such as standardized doors and bathroom accessories are possible.
Main applications of marble with glass: Partition walls, Doors, Tables, Furniture accessories, Doors.

Transparent support:

This new product can be a viable alternative to glass backing for having backlit materials when size and weight are a limitation for achieving transparencies on cladding or flooring.
The combination of cylinders and outer skins of transparent Polycarbonate create an ultralight composite panel, which, through its special structure, allows the passage of light; it can be used as a support on even thin materials and, when backlit with various lighting systems, highlights the transparency of natural materials.

Thanks to this system, even the most delicate and fragile materials can be used and installed in large formats with a backlit effect.
The thickness of the substrate varies from 10 to 20 mm, and a 4 to 10 mm layer of marble is applied on top of it.

Main applications of marble with transparent honeycomb:

  • Marine (interior furnishings, walls, flooring, false ceilings, cladding, private and industrial elevators)
  • Architecture (curtain and ventilated facades, wall cladding)
  • Furniture (desks and tables, vanity tops, kitchens, etc.)

Backlit materials:

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Through this support, it is possible to decrease the weight of the material making it applicable to any context.

This support allows the most delicate and fragile materials to be used and installed in very large formats.

Transparent or glass-backed substrate is mainly used for reinforcement, transparency and backlighting.

Underfloor heating provides optimal energy yield in complete safety.